Create Safe Spaces To Talk With Friends About Jesus

Learn how to host meetups that transform lives through a simple, 90-minute training program

Create Meet-Ups For Spiritual Conversations

Bring People
To Jesus

See Friends’ Lives Transformed

Have you wanted to invite someone to church, but you know it will be too intimidating for them?

Are you overwhelmed by typical Christian trainings that are too long and demotivating?

Do you struggle to find the right words to talk to friends about Jesus?

Stop getting tongue-tied.

Many believers struggle to share their faith with their friends because they worry about rejection or have a lack of confidence.

With our 90-minute MICRO training, you will learn how to start leading intentional conversations that help your friends encounter Jesus. 

You can naturally share Jesus and see people transformed.

In order to help your friends encounter Jesus, you need to become intentionally missional.

If you don’t know how to share Jesus in a natural way that opens conversations and helps others build a relationship with Him, it’s overwhelming… and frustrating.

We believe that leading intentional conversations about Jesus shouldn’t be so complicated.

We get it — typical training overwhelms 99% of us, which is why we’ve spent the last several years building a simple, short training program that will equip you to share Jesus confidently in just 90 minutes.

Sign up for our training so you can start helping others experience the transformative power of Jesus’ love.

What if you had a simple and straightforward way to talk about Jesus where you live, work, study, or play? 

Move from frustrated to confident in 90 minutes

Discover how to facilitate meetups about Jesus

Build a loving community that grows and multiplies

We understand why typical church outreach training overwhelms most of us.

We are the first training program to teach Christians how to confidently share their faith in just 90 minutes. We’ve already equipped more than 100 people and helped start dozens of microchurches.

Become A Disciple-Maker in 3 Simple Steps


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Invite a group of friends to talk about Jesus together


See your friends’ lives changed

We’ve equipped hundreds of new MICRO leaders and helped launch dozens of microchurches.

MICRO - Dwight



Because of our micro, I have never felt more connected to people far from God (those who typically would never attend a traditional church.) Doing life with people has never been more meaningful and fun.

MICRO - Karina



The micro that I started at the University I go to has become important to me because of the way we get deeper into the biblical texts through discussion and community.



Being able to form authentic relationships and having real accountability have all been possible because I took the step to lead and be a part of a micro.


Learn how to start conversations about Jesus naturally and confidently by asking questions with this free guide.